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Peptide bioconjugates hold a promising stance in the delivery of therapeutic agents by providing distinct advantage of improving therapeutic potential of drugs. Both linear and cyclic peptides have been explored as trafficking moiety due to ease of synthesis, structural simplicity, and low probability of undesirable immunogenicity.

At InnoPep, we routinely synthesize peptide conjugates such as antibody-peptide conjugates, oligo-peptide conjugates and peptide-carrier conjugates (in which you have a choice of BSA, ovalbumin, or KLH) for customers. We use various strategies to obtain a site-specific conjugate. One routine method we use is to utilize an N-terminal Cys incorporated peptide to react with a maleimide activated oligo/antibody. Or we can use other strategies such as oxime/hydrazone formation through a hydroxyl-amine/hydrazine modified peptide reaction with an aldehyde modified oligo/antibody. Also we can use click chemistry to achieve your purpose.


Peptide-KLH Conjugation

Vaccine or immunogen conjugates typically are prepared by conjugating a peptide hapten to a carrier protein such as keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH), which provides the immunogenicity needed to elicit an immune response to the peptide. Peptides can be synthesized to contain a terminal cysteine thiol group for convenient conjugation using SMCC-activated KLH. Other conjugation chemistries available on request.
Reference: G. Hermanson, Bioconjugate Techniques 2nd Ed., Chapter 19: Preparation of Hapten-Carrier Immunogen Conjugates, 745-782, Academic Press, 2008.


About InnoPep

InnoPep Inc. is a company started by a couple of researchers with decades of expertise in peptide synthesis and conjugation aimed at enabling.

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