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Enfuvirtide (T-20)

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Synonyms ENF
Description 36 residue synthetic peptide that inhibits HIV-1 fusion with CD4 cells. N-terminal acetylated, C-terminal amide. Enfuvirtide is the first in this class to reach market approval. Fusion inhibitors block the last step in the three-step viral entry process consisting of attachment, co-receptor binding and fusion, thereby preventing viral capsid entry into the host cell. Enfuvirtide has a unique mechanism of action and high viral target specificity, and in clinical trials has been shown to exhibit both high efficacy and low toxicity. Enfuvirtide is a peptide mimetic of an essential region within viral envelope glycoprotein gp41 that functions by blocking gp41 structural rearrangements at a transitional pre-fusion conformation.
Cas No 159519-65-0
Molecular Formula C204H301N51O64
C Terminal NH2
N Terminal Ac
Molecular Weight 4491.88
Purity > 95%
Gmp Flag 0
Storage Store at -20°C. Keep tightly closed. Store in a cool dry place.

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