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Peptide Mol Weight Calculation

N Terminus Sequence in one-letter notation C Terminus

Mol. Weight =

3-Letter 1-Letter Residue MW
Ala A 71.07884
Arg R 156.1876
Asn N 114.1039
Asp D 115.0886
Cys C 103.1448
Glu E 129.1155
Gln Q 128.1308
Gly G 57.05196
His H 137.1412
Ile I 113.1595
Leu L 113.1591
Lys K 128.1742
Met M 131.1986
Phe F 147.1766
Pro P 97.11671
Ser S 87.07824
Thr T 101.1051
Trp W 186.2133
Tyr Y 163.176
Val V 99.13259

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