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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions covering all topics concerning our company and our products can be found here.

Conditions of Sale and Ordering

1. How do I place an online order?

Click on the shopping cart. You can order as many items as you like. They will be compiled in your shopping cart

Frequently Asked Questions on Delivery

1. How does Innopep ship peptides?

Orders are shipped standard overnight or second-day via FedEx. UPS and Freight Forwarder services are available upon request at the time of order.

Frequently Asked Questions on Handling of Peptides

1. How to handle a peptide lyophilizate?

Peptides, especially arginine- and lysine-rich peptides, can be very hygroscopic. Thus they have to be protected from humidity and handled rapidly.
Peptides should not be subjected to strong light, extreme pH-values, and oxidants.

About InnoPep

InnoPep Inc. is a company started by a couple of researchers with decades of expertise in peptide synthesis and conjugation aimed at enabling.

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