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Description Tuftsin is a physiologic tetrapeptide, which has been shown to possess immunoadjuvant properties including the stimulation of macrophage and granulocyte phagocytosis, migration, bactericidal, and tumoricidal activities. Tuftsin has also been reported to possess in vivo immunologically mediated anti-tumor potential. Some studies show that treatment of splenic effector cells with tuftsin prolongs the cytotoxic capabilities of these cells.
Cas No 72103-53-8
Sequence {THR}{LYS}{PRO}{ARG}
Sequence Shortening TKPR
Molecular Formula C21H40N8O6
Molecular Weight 500.6
Purity > 95%
Storage Store tuftsin at -20°C. Keep container tightly closed.
Note Tuftsin is a tetrapeptide, Thr-Lys-Pro-Arg, that resides in the Fc-domain of the heavy chain of immunoglobulin G. Tuftsin originates from a specific fraction of the parent protein through enzymatic processing. Tuftsin possesses a broad spectrum of activities related primarily to the immune system function and exerts these effects on phagocytic cells, notably on macrophages.

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