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Synonyms AVT
Description [Arg8]-Vasotocin is a hormone present in the neurohypophysis of nonmammalian vertebrates that is related to vasopressin and oxytocin. The demonstration of vasotocin in the mammalian pineal gland, subcommissural organ and fetal pituitary gland by bioassay has led to hypotheses regarding the function of this hormone in various reproductive processes.
Cas No 74927-14-3
Sequence Shortening CYIQNCPRG-NH2
Molecular Formula C43H67N15O12S2
C Terminal NH2
Disulfide Bridge Disulfide Bridge: Cys1-Cys6
Molecular Weight 1050.22
Purity > 95%
Format Bridge :,1-6
Gmp Flag 0
Storage Store at -20°C

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