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InnoPep SPase I FRET Substrate
Dabcyl - AGHDAHASET - Edans
Dabcyl-AGHDAHASET-Edans.. Product #: 3128-0100 Regular price: $169.00 $169.00

SPase I FRET Substrate
Dabcyl - AGHDAHASET - Edans

Product Code: 3128-0100
Weight: 1.00mg

Price: $169.00

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This is a type I signal peptidase (SPase1) substrate peptide labeled with EDANS/ DABCYL FRET pair, and contains a crucial cleavage site derived from the C-terminal region of the Staphylococcus epidermidis pre-SceD protein. Abs/Em = 340/490 nm.

Bockstael, K. et al. Microbiol 155, 3719 (2009).
Purity % Peak Area By HPLC ≥ 95%
Molecular Weight 1494.6
Sequence Dabcyl-AGHDAHASET-Edans
Sequence (3 Letter) Dabcyl - Ala - Gly - His - Asp - Ala - His - Ala - Ser - Glu - Thr - Edans
Storage -20°C

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